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Women In The Trucking Industry

When you think about trucking, women are probably one of the last things that come to mind. The truth is, there are plenty of female truckers out there. It’s an industry that you don’t really hear about diversifying, even when the news talks about equality in the workplace. Organizations like Women In Trucking focus on diversifying the workplace through implementing more female-led trucking positions.

Flatbed Trucking Companies and Female Drivers

The main issue that women run into in the trucking industry is the “trucker stigma.” It affects more than just female drivers, but women are bringing an entirely new angle to the name. While some truckers continue to believe that the industry is ruled by men who fit the stereotype, women are showing that trucking is a dignified and hard working profession and you don’t have to have a beard to drive a truck.


It’s not just the organizations and foundations that are bent on diversifying the workplace. It’s women who show a true interest in the profession that are changing things nationwide. One of the most long-term male dominated industries is getting a reboot and following transparency expectations that we’re looking at every other industry for. Trucking hasn’t become a target or a poster industry for equality in the workplace—it’s just getting to be that way naturally. Women have always had an interest in trucking, and now that is becoming a reality. Trucking is also one of the few industries that provides equal wage to men and women alike. A rookie trucker is going to make the same salary, no matter their gender. That is a refreshing thing to see in the world today, and it’s not stopping there.

Statistics May Be Off

There are a lot of female truckers out there, but not every business is involved in a foundation or organization. Some just operate as little five person teams, and that also does not include the large number of independent contractors out there. When we look at the statistics of female drivers, one begs to question: is there an unseen trend rising in female truckers?

While statistics aren’t the saving grace of how the trucking industry will be shaped, there are definitely some aspects that are being looked at differently than they were before. Are women more likely to go into trucking in 2018 as opposed to previous years due to the industry changing? Now that more light is being shed upon female truckers, will we see an equal amount of male and female truckers joining and staying within the industry? It’s difficult to say, as only time will tell.

Females Drive Business Growth and Change

Ellen Voi, President and CEO of WIT, brings out some not so startling statistics in favor of women in the trucking industry. Diversity in the workplace isn’t just a necessity that we want to see in the 21st century. It’s a factor that we need for optimal growth and opportunity. Looking at it purely from a business standpoint, not having a diversified workplace in terms of gender is a huge mistake. If you’re going to be the best, you have to employ the best. When it comes to women in the workplace, statistics show a significant growth pattern as more and more women assume leadership positions in otherwise male dominated industries.

Trucking Isn’t a Low Education Industry

It isn’t just on the corporate side. There are a lot of truckers who have been college graduates, doctors, researchers, and more. There’s a calling about it. When you look at where people came from, and what people have become, you learn their stories through remarkable transcendence. Trucking gives a lot of women freedom to hit the road and see the country, while earning their financial independence.

While corporate jobs flourish with proper training (as you would expect in any industry), many women in the trucking industry have started on the ground floor, out on the road with their rig. You hear success stories all the time about cart pushers who became general managers, stock boys who ended up owning the store; when it comes to women in the trucking industry, they’ve worked all over the country in the single cab of their truck, and they’ve earned every stepping stone up the ladder.

Leadership and Partnership

Recently, WIT renewed partnerships with major corporate leaders in the retail industry, including Wal Mart, while continuing to bring forth the issues of women in the workplace not receiving equal pay and benefits. The trucking industry hasn’t just been about showing the world that women can drive a rig; it’s about promoting leadership in a cutting-edge industry that’s always in demand, and has few drivers with the mettle to thrive in their environments.

While many thought that growth at WIT had slowed to a screeching halt, they proved that their message is still going strong. Towards the end of November, they welcomed a new member onto their board of directors, expanding their circle and extending the Women In Trucking network across new aisles. Leaderships skills that focus around expanding your reach aren’t just a good idea; they’re crucial to growth in any industry, and the women of WIT see it clearly.

Driving With Passion

Whether you’re in the corporate sector, or you just love being out on the road, there are plenty of positions available for females in the trucking industry available with us—SteelPro. Look at our job board online to see what positions we’re currently hiring for, and of course we strongly encourage women to apply. Let nothing hold you back from doing the job you’ve always wanted by being a part of the best flatbed trucking company in America.

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