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A Family Affair

Over the years Keith Evans has owned multiply tractor trailers while under the Alco Transportation flag. Keith started rolling down the road with Alco in 1995 moving material mainly between northern Ohio and Michigan. Over the years he has freshened up his tractor and trailer units several times.

In 2007 his son Josh joined the SteelPro group - his family joining our family - a true "Family Affair."

Father and son have received numerous clean roadside inspections - a testament to their professionalism. Like clockwork, any time after 5 am you can see one or the other traveling I94. In the winter, when the snow if falling in the morning, I enjoy coming upon their sparkling lights – instantly you know it is either Keith or Josh.

During this Thanksgiving holiday season I am truly grateful to have these and other family combinations working with us.

Families with cousins, brothers, uncles, husband and wives – we are honored you have chosen to be with the SteelPro team .


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